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Latest Album


"The breathtaking visuals, combined with a truly gorgeous musical score, make it a really aesthetically pleasing game."(Gfinity)

"The music, in particular, takes massive strides from contemporary and epic to build a great atmosphere."(Noobfeed)

Breathtaking sandscapes, mirages, and remnants of past civilizations are complemented by a hauntingly beautiful musical score


"Atlas Fallen’s sound design and music are top-notch"


"Excellent music" (COGconnected)

...the soundtrack is emotionally tailored to suit the story cues and its sound effects work hand-in-hand with the gameplay,.

(Impulse Gamer)

What we do

Compose music for video games, film and other media

Create sound effects and develop sound designs

Implement audio to video games in middlewares (Wwise, FMOD) and engines (e.g. Unreal, Unity)

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